Martin Ashley Jones

Hey, how ya doin? 

I hope all is well with you and yours. 

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I turn up on time, lines learnt and don't bump in to the furniture. I've never been fired, never caused embarrassment to any employer or myself, I'm low maintenance and just love and appreciate the opportunity to work!!.. so enjoy the reels and the assortment of piccies, some actory headshot ones, some on set and some commercial shoots. I apologize for not having them labelled yet as I'm a bit technologically "slow". Hell, the fact I've even got a website up and running is a bloody miracle!! but it is a work in progress. I think they're pretty self explanatory anyway. 


Well that's what the internet is for so I hope you like what you see. Any constructive criticism will be taken on board and any suggestions may be implemented on the site at a later date when time and money allows. Any unnecessary nasty or negative remarks will not be tolerated.I may be technologically "slow" but a mate of mine is a sheer genius and I will hunt you down in a secret cyber way and my vengeance will have no bounds and not a shred of mercy will I show as I hack all of your personal details, bank accounts, mortgages and any other scrap of personal identity that you have on the net. You have been warned. Enjoy the site :)


It's not really a Blog of sorts but as the name suggests it's a rant and rave about my Highs and Lows and everyday experiences in LA. In some instances my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek, in others my tongue is firmly planted somewhere else. My objective is to record my story, exorcise these many events from my mind and hopefully entertain and inform in the process. Please feel free to follow and share... if you're the sharing type. 


I've accidently come across a few people myself in my time and most of the time both them and I were glad that it happened and long, strong friendships were forged. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe it was fate, the planets aligning or that mystical,magical occurrence we call serendipity. I suggest you have a bit of a look and a read anyway, who knows? you're typing error may just be a blessing in disguise, for both of us!

Anyway....... here's a quick blurb of where I am now and what I've been up to in the last couple of years.......... 

2013 sees me relocated to LA. 

After successfully applying for an O1 work visa I am now living and working in LA. I am represented by Phil Brock at Studio Talent Group and am a SAG/AFTRA member. I have spent the first few months of the year working on several projects including a comedy web series called Breaking Hollywood, a pilot for a British production company Pioneer TV and a commercial for software company GrabCad. With episodic season upon us I am looking forward to the opportunity to audition and hopefully work on some of the amazing TV productions which are currently coming out of the USA.

2012 was a very busy year for me, I secured a lead role in a British/American feature film, “Night Of The Living 3D Dead”, a British feature film “A Perfect Plan” and several UK, European, North American and global commercial campaigns. My role in the Ray Burdis directed feature, “The Wee Man” was well received by audiences. Characters I portrayed in 2012 included Scottish, German, American and Eastern European and my talent and ear for accents was invaluable in securing these roles.

UK born, I was raised in Australia where I trained and worked consistently in Film, TV and Theatre. I also performed professionally as a singer and songwriter in original bands and as Johnny Rotten in a Sex Pistols tribute show. I have lived and worked in London for the past 3 years and am now relocating to LA. I hold current British and Australian passports.